Experimental experience

Artem Feofilov started studying the interactions of light and matter at the Dept. of Photonics of St. Petersburg State University, Russia.
His Ph.D. work "Single-color laser ionization of some oxygen-containing benzene derivatives" was dedicated to establishing the correlations between the electronic structure of the molecules and mechanisms of laser ionization using the methods of photoelectron spectroscopy, mass-spectroscopy, and threshold electron spectroscopy (ZEKE).


Scientific expertise

Dr. Feofilov has been doing research aimed at better understanding of fundamental processes governing the energetics, chemistry, dyna- mics, and transport of the mesosphere/lower thermo- sphere. His main field is the radiative transfer and breakdown of local thermo- dynamic equilibrium (non-LTE) in planetary atmo- spheres. His interests include:
a) developing theoretical app- roaches for processing the radiometric data;
b) developing the non-LTE models and retrieval algo- rithms for interpreting the IR radiance measurements;
c) analysis of cloud properties from passive and active satellite observations.


Current activity
  • Cloud properties retrieval from the infrared satellite observations >>>.

  • Diurnal cycle of high clouds retrieved from AIRS and IASI.

  • Non-LTE radiative transfer in the context of infrared satellite observations of the lower atmosphere.